Bumblebee Honey FAQ's

What parts of the country do you play in?
Bumblebee Honey provide a nationwide service.

Are there any hidden charges?
NO! We don't charge any travel expenses, I'm sure you don't get travel expenses for going to your place of work. As your are dealing directly with the band you also don't pay any agency fees.

What instruments do the band play?
The band plays between a two piece and a five piece formation. Bumblebee Honey consist of electric/acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, male vocals (and harmonies) and drums. Our pianist also plays the saxophone which he also plays during the bands performance. The individual musicians are trained in various genres from rock to classical and jazz.

Do you have a dress code?
Stage presentation and image is an important aspect of the show and the band dress in attire suitable to the event. As part of our booking process, we request from the client to the preferred dress codes, ranging from casual to formal.

Do you use stage lighting?
Bumblebee Honey have a full professional DMX stage and dance floor lighting system. We also use other effects such as a smoke machine when suitable. All this equipment enhances the atmosphere and creates a visual aspect to the show.

How long does it take to set up the equipment?
It takes about 40 minutes to set up the equipment. The band generally arrives 30 to 45 minutes before the scheduled set up time, just to ensure everything is up and running in time. So generally, the band arrives on location 1hr 20 minutes prior to start time.

Do you cater for all age groups?
Bumblebee Honey have an extensive set listing which has been tailored over the years to suit all ages and all tastes of music. The list comprises of hits from the fifties to present day, and from waltzes through to traditional music. We play at events ranging from weddings to Corporate events, and from 21st to 60th birthday parties.

Can I rely on the band arriving on time?
Very often, the most worrying part of a wedding day, or other event, is wondering if the band will show up. Bumblebee Honey pride themselves on the professional service that is provided. We excel in customer service and punctuality and this can be seen from the testimonials.

How loud are the band?
Bumblebee Honey have a state of the art sound system. We increase or decrease our levels on the night, depending on the venue, crowd and the clients requests. The choice is entirely yours, but the band generally knows the right level to play at.

Do you allow singers from the crowd?
For a wedding, the band leaves this choice to the bride and groom. However, the band do limit the numbers as inviting singers onto the stage tends to slow down the party atmosphere.